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Split Air Conditioners |i-Clean Inverter

Hitachi’s i-Clean air conditioner with inverter technology is a rare blend of technology meeting elegance. The features it packs in ensure extraordinary performance that gives uninterrupted cooling comfort and remarkable power saving while its refined looks leave a lasting impression.

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  • Technology4 Way Air Swing

    It not only ensures uniform air-distribution (throughout the room) but also cools a bigger area in lesser time. This will be ensured by the movement of the horizontal and the vertical louvers.

  • TechnologyAdvanced Off-Timer With Kaimin

    ’Kaimin’ adjusts the temperature automatically through the night to suit your body needs. The timer is selectable for 2hrs, 3hrs or 7hrs and the unit will be switched off after the selected number of sleep hours. If the timer is selected, the temperture will be raised by 2°C and after 1hr, the fan speed will be switched to ‘low fan’ to ensure a comfortable and sound sleep. The AC will continue to work in this condition till the selected time is over.

  • TechnologyAuto Clean Function

    The filter gets automatically cleaned as per defind logic.

  • TechnologyAuto Clean Indicator

    At the time of cleaning process a white color LED called auto clean indicator on IDU will show ‘ON’ continuously


  • TechnologyAuto Fan Speed

    The fan speed is automatically adjusted for comfort, depending on the running state of your air-conditioner, i.e., if the compressor is cut off, the fan speed automatically comes down to low level and vice- versa. Similarly, once the set temperature is achieved, the fan speed comes down to a low level to optimise your comfort level.

  • TechnologyAuto Restart

    In case of a power failure, a back-up memory ensures that you don’t need to memories the settings. When the power is restored, the AC restarts with the previous settings.

  • TechnologyCool Mode

    You can choose your desired temperature setting from 16º C to 32º C. You can also use the Off timer and sleep mode function under the cool mode operation.

  • TechnologyDC Rotary Compressor

    DC Rotary Compressor

    Hitachi DC rotary compressor delivers over 10% greater efficiency than conventional AC compressors. These are designed to work in ambient temperatures upto 520 C

  • TechnologyDefrosting Sensor

    Automatically prevents frosting inside the indoor unit and ensures efficient functioning of the air conditioner for long periods.

  • TechnologyDry Mode

    In high humidity conditions you can switch to dry mode, wherein the fan speed of the machine automatically becomes low which helps in removing moisture.

  • TechnologyLow Derating

    As the ambient temperature increases, the ability of the AC to deliver the required cooling decreases. But the heat exchanger increases the capacity even at very high temperatures ensuring the ability of the machine to deliver optimum cooling.

  • TechnologyLower Pull Down Time

    The unique air delivery system ensure a wider area of cooling at a faster rate reducing the pull down time. So the required temperature level is achieved at a much faster rate, as compared to conventional ACs.

  • TechnologyNano Titanium Filter

    A unique filter that deodorises the air and promptly eliminates even the smallest size bacteria to make the air free from odour and bacteria.

  • TechnologyOn/Off Timer

    The AC automatically starts at the present time and begins to cool the room.

  • TechnologyPrecoated Aluminium Fins

    Prevents the air conditioner from rusting or corrosion even in the harshest weather conditions.

  • TechnologyR 410 A Eco Friendly Refrigerant

    R 410A is an environmentally sustainable refrigerant. Technically, it is a superior refrigerant having zero ODP (Ozone depleting potential) and low GWP (global warming potential). Hence, it is safe & eco friendly.


  • TechnologySelectable Fan Speeds

    The air-conditioner comes with selectable fan speeds to give you perfect comfort to suit your needs.

  • TechnologySilent Cooling

    Here the AC works most silently. This function is available in Auto, Cool and Fan mode.

  • TechnologyStainless Steel Louver

    Stainless Steel Louver

    Stainless steel horizontal louvers keep the air outlet always clean & make it more durable. Also, this has disinfecting and anti-fouling effects.

  • TechnologyStainless Steel Plated Filter

    Contamination resistant micro mesh stainless steel plated filter. Even grease contaminants can be removed with a quick wipe. This filter along with auto filter cleaning provide you always clean and healthy air and eliminates the unpleasant job of cleaning the filter manually.

  • TechnologyStainless Steel Ventilation passage

    Stainless Steel Ventilation passage

    Stainless material is used for the air duct located in the back of the fan. This has disinfecting and anti-fouling effects, and keeps the interior of the air conditioner clean, Ensuring long life of the interior parts.

  • TechnologyTropical Inverter Technology
  • TechnologyWireless LCD Remocon

    It comes with an LCD display for extra clarity. Also, when not inuse, the display shuts off automatically ensuring a longer battery life.

Price List

Split Air Conditioners : i-Clean Inverter MRP

Model No.

Model Description TR-Class MRP (in Rs.) Star Rating


Split AC- 1.0 Tr Class Hitachi i- Clean  Inverter Cool Only- RAU013IUEA

1.0 53150


Split AC- 1.5 Tr Class Hitachi i- Clean Inverter Cool Only- RAU018IUEA

1.5 60150